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Tripods & Remote Release

Posted on 17 March, 2016 at 16:05

Posted by Samuel Curtis Photography

I am forever being asked why I use a tripod and what is/ when would I use a remote sutter release. To answer this, I will give three situations when I would use both. Firstly, a remote shutter release is a device (wire or wireless) that will trigger your camera's shutter without touching the camera and risk moving it.

  • Landscapes - For landscapes, you'll typically be using a narrow apature to ensure that most of the scene is as sharp as possible, this also requires a slow shutter speed. To reduce camera shake, I would mount my camera on a tripod.
  • Moving Water - In order to capture moving water as a blur, you'll need to use a slow shutter speed. By using a tripod, this woud reduce camera shake. To avoid shaking the camera and keep still objects sharp, I would use a remote shutter release.
  • Light Trails - Light trails usally require extremely long exposures. A remote release enables you to trigger and end the exposure without need to touch the camera. This is espcially useful when you know where the camera s facing and you dont need to look though the view finder. Save you the bad back from bending down!

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