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Butterfly Wings

Posted on 17 March, 2016 at 15:50

Posted by Samuel Curtis Photography

For those who want to capture nature in its finest detail, nothing can beat the sophistication of the butterfly wing, but combining macro and wildlife photography is not to everyone's taste. So here is a couple of tips to help you achieve those wonderful photos that you see in the magazines. I would use a longer macro lens of 100mm or more; you can shoot from farther away and avoid spooking the insects. If possible, focus manually using the magnified live view image. I would consider using off-camera flash, for sharper ad more colourful images. Finally, try to position your camera lens parallel to the butterfly's wing, this will help create sharper images. Recomended settings that I would start with would be; exposure Apature priority, apature f/16-22, shutter speed auto and ISO 1000-400. 

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