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Hints and Tips

Hints and Tips

Wire Wool Trails

Posted on March 17, 2016 at 11:40 AM

Posted by Samuel Curtis Photography

By dosing wire wool in something flamable, lighting it and swinging it around in circles can produce some amazing images. As the wool burns, it throws off burning embers, combined with a long exposure can leave some impressive light trails in a larg orb shape. Atach a handfull of wire wool to a length of rope, light the wool and spin in a lasoo motion. For your first shot, i would reccomend you try; A manual exposure, an apature of around f/16, a shutter speed of 10sec and an ISO 100. Adjust your settings from these. A few other tips i would reccomend; Always use a tripod. Use a length of seccurly attached rope at a safe distance. If your doing the spinning, use a self timer and wear sturdy thick clothing that wont melt or catch alight. Light the wool and spin it at a distance, keep water, sand or a fire extinguisher close to extinguish any unwanted fires or embers before leaving your location. DO NOT ATTEMPT NEAR CHILDREN OR WILDLIFE

Here is a shot I tried. Also availible in the gallery page.

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